Friday, 1 March 2013

Vintage Valentine's

Continuing with my hectic week of darting back and forth between the big smoke and the sea, myself and Vintage Vessel hot-footed it up to Islington (via a quick detour to fix our hair at the Victoria station loos!) to attend the Valentine's edition of the Ric Rac Club.  This was the second time the Ric Rac has been held at the Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker and it was again organised by the lovely ladies of The Vintage Mafia.
The obligatory bathroom shot, avec coat and
before I put my hair up after too vigorous dancing
Fleur kicked off the night with her first ever DJ set (although you'd never know it), followed by Auntie Maureen, sadly without her customary gramophone this time. The third DJ in the lineup was Mr Lee spinning some Northern Soul greats, although he sadly only played 'Nothing but a Heartbreak' as we were leaving, which meant the assembled crowds were left without seeing me do a high-kick-into-a-drop move which I had promised VV if the Flirtations' tune was played.
Auntie Maureen on the 'decks'
The night was full of all the usual faces, many of them stalwarts of the New Sheridan Club including our lovely friend Katie.  One lucky first-time attendee was on the receiving end of a rousing rendition of 'Happy Birthday to You' from the entire pub.  I also met the lovely Ruby Armoire in person - her hair was looking amazing as always.
Ladies ranging from 1950s on the left (Ruby)
to 1920s on the right, via the '40s and '30s
As always, the girls had put on a raffle and of course it featured pork pies as they star prize (well, star prize perhaps behind the stockings from What Katie Did, a bottle of Sprizzato, cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery - which has a bakery just up the road from the B&TM, and numerous other prizes).  Whilst scrabbling about trying to change my camera battery, I heard my number called - I had won the bottle of Sprizzato!  No-one was entirely sure what exactly Sprizzato is, but I can tell you it is alcoholic, orange flavoured and they recommend that it is best served with prosecco.  I have yet to try it, but I will write a post on here to tell you all about its boozy delights when I do.
Downlighting is not my friend
The Ric Rac club has fast become one of the most enjoyable and friendliest events in the vintage calendar.  It has been described as 'a vintage houseparty' and it really does feel like that (without people being sick in the corner, I hasten to add).  Jenny, Fleur and Bethan have an event to really be proud of.
Jenny, Bethan and erm.. not Fleur (it's the lovely Zack of course)!

Anyway, enough of me being a Ric Rac sycophant, here are some pictures of the fabulous party goers (and one of a table).

Birgit, in a dress she made that afternoon
Minerva, Pandora and Mai
Charly, Perdita and Laurence
L-R Hanson, Auntie Maureen and Jenny
Holly and Liz
P.S. I heard a rumour that the next one may be easter themed, but then again I also heard tell of an 'Allo 'Allo theme so you can never be too sure! 
My favourite photo of the night, my lovely chums
Hayley and Katie looking delicate and ladylike

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