Sunday, 12 June 2011

This is Miss Doherty, reporting for Etower News

It has been rather a long time since my last post, but I thought I could now use this blog to document my exploits with the Etower Vintage News crew.

I came to be involved with them quite unexpectedly via a very cryptic phonecall and a covert meeting at the coffee shop round the corner.  I was already vaguely aware of them at events such as the Grand Anarcho-Dandyist Ball ( and the Blind Tiger Speakeasy in Brighton.  I learnt more of them from Kieren,  after we met as a result of me occasionally covering his swing teacher's lesson.  I thought it was a brilliant idea, going to vintage events, dressed the part (of course) with vintage camera equipment and just showing what was going on in the vintage scene. 

Here is their website:
As well as the footage from events, the website also offers a calender of vintage events, many of which we hope to attend as well as 4 radio staions covering music from the 20s to the 50s.

I must say I initially agreed to do it for purely selfish reasons, primarily to get to go to all sorts of wonderful events (courtesy of the hosts of course) and mingle with the great and the good.  I also wanted to improve how I appear in front of a camera as I am usually completely inept.  After going to a few events, I have seen what great fun it is, and people really seem to enjoy the 'novelty' of the old equipment and a crew who looks the part.

During my first proper meeting with the other members of the crew (Kieren, the Gentleman reporter and Les, the camerman) they decided it was a good idea to film my introduction piece.  After procuring some flowers from the garden next door to adron my hair, I was (just about) ready for my first interview.  I was extremely nervous, but with careful editing it didn't seem too bad.  My introduction, along with coverage of Judy's Vintage Spectacular ( on the 15th May and a picnic attended by Kieren, were all combined into the June round-up.  Shamefully I had the same hairstyle at two filmings, but if you can forgive that, please feel free to take a look

Between then and now, I also celebrated my birthday.  Firstly with an evening of dancing and gin, and secondly (and slightly more demurely) with a tea party.  The night before, I stayed up well into the early hours baking a considerable amount of cupcakes (around 50 if I remember correctly).  I iced them in the morning; red almond icing for the cherry cakes, green for the ginger, yellow for the lemon cakes and silver-grey coffee icing for the vanilla cupcakes - all topped off with glitter of course!  Everyone had a cup and saucer to drink their ginger beer and pink lemonade from and as it was a 'grown-up' tea party, the teapot was full of gin should anyone have cared to top up their teacups.  I foolishly didn't take any photographs, but once I have retrieved some from my esteemed guests I will endeavour to post them.

When the video of the Prohibition night in London (which we attended last night and had an absolutely wonderful time) is edited and in the electronic ether, I shall post again to reveal all the scandalous details.

Until next time,

Miss Doherty

p.s. My song of choice whilst writing this is 'Snowfall' by Claude Thornhill. It is a most wonderul piece and has such a haunting melody.