Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hej Sverige!

Hello all, this post is a little different from its predecessors as it isn't me writing on a subject or an event I've attended. Instead I am asking a question, which is:

Why is almost 50% of my readership in Sweden?

As we all know, Greta Garbo was Swedish.
I doubt she read my blog though.

 I am incredibly honoured that anyone reads my blog, let alone people I've never met from across the globe.  I am just puzzled as to why in the last few weeks, more Swedish eyes have been turned towards my little ramblings than British and American combined.  I am simply curious, so if anybody knows, I'd love to be enlightened!

Anyway, all that is left for me to say is hej till alla mina underbara svenska läsare*
Greta at the Wachtmeister Estate, Sweden, 1935

 * apologies if that's not right - blame google translator!


  1. It would seem around 25% of mine are Russian, but most are the US and UK which isn't surprising really. I know Lindy hop and vintage is quite popular in Sweden (I follow a couple of blogs) but why so much? Do your traffic sources offer no clues?

    1. I know there is a big vintage scene in Sweden, I was just (pleasntly) surprised by the sudden influx of Swedish readers. And the traffic sources were no help, which is also odd. Which Swedish blogs do you follow, I particularly like and a few people of instagram.