Sunday, 15 July 2012

Vintage Nation and Emma Duggan photography

Apologies for the quite substantial gap since the last post, we've been very busy in the office launching the new website which went live yesterday.

This was originally meant to be a post about Vintage Nation at Brighton Racecourse, but as it was quite a while ago, I have quite forgotten what I was going to write.  Organisers and sponsors included Judy's Vintage Fair, Hairport and Crabbie'sI do remember there were some fantastic bands that day (including old favourites the Swing Ninjas and Mr B) and another friend of ours, Simon Webster, was one of the DJs that day.  I also interviewed the members of Bad Bad Whiskey, a brilliant skifflebilly band who I’ve seen a few times around Brighton (playing gigs, not just lurking).  Have a look at the newsreel if you'd like to know more as I've not really put anything here!

Anyway, what I thought I’d write about was a lovely photographer who took my picture (along with 30 other attendees).  Her name was Emma Duggan and she was one of the nicest photographers I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  Emma was choosing a few people whose outfits she liked to record for here website.  When it came to my turn,  Emma told me exactly how to pose, which is such a relief when you don’t like having your photo taken!  Anyway, here are three of the pictures she took of me. 

Featuring our lovely (working) postcard camera and my recently lost card case (if anyone at the Chap Olympiad found it, I would dearly love to have it back – it’s full of my business cards so you should know it’s mine). 

My outfit for the day mostly came from my mum – I was wearing a ‘30s-style pink dress from the 1980s, a russet suede ‘Hunters’ jacket from the ‘40s that the mater bought in the ‘80s.  I picked up the shoes from a charity shop for a couple of pounds and the gloves, I think I bought at a previous fair at the Racecourse.

If you'd like to have a look at more of her photos from the day, or would just like to look through her work, have a look at her blog here.  Thank you to Emma for the lovely photos - and for sending them to me by the next morning!