Wednesday, 17 July 2013

...a school sports day where the children are very well dressed and rather drunk

These posts have become a bit out of chronological order, but I've gotten so far behind (sorry it's been almost a month since my last post) that I'm just going to write what springs to mind first!
I was looking back through my past posts and realised I've never actually written about the Chap Olympiad.  This year was the fifth time I had attended since 2008 and the third with The Vintage News.  I simply adore going to the Olympiad as it seems to be an excuse for all my favourite people from the vintage scene (many of whom I first met at previous olympiads) to get together, drink inordinate amounts of gin and lark about in ridiculous 'sporting' events.
Beach Volleybowler was awfully close to looking like a real sport
 In my official capacity, I was there to take photos and film but I spent most of my time catching up with old friends and eating (my gin and tonic cupcakes went down a treat!)  I spent a lot more time behind the camera than in front of it this year, but I did manage to get in a quick interview with Jeni and Fleur - it was ever so professional and there was much talk of lovely spreads and trinkets!
It was also the first year I've taken part in one of the events - Bread-Basketball.  No-one (including the umpires) knew what we were meant to be doing as it was one of the many new events, but it involved sitting at a dining table, trying to stop bread rolls being flung over our heads. Very Drones club, but with the waiters not the diners utilising the baked missiles.
My main thought when choosing my outfit was to pick something I wouldn't roast in (it was 30°C for much of the day).  I decided to go for a 1950s grey cotton dress with white embroidery which I teamed with a large straw hat that I had to decorate in the car because I ran out of time.  I also decorated a fan, which those of you that follow me on instagram may have seen.  If you would like to get your hands on your very own personalised fan, keep an eye on the blog (exciting news soon!) or email me at
 Two dear friends (Russell Nash and Zack Pinsent) were well-deserved winners of the gold and bronze cravats, respectively, although I think Sara should definitely won the best accessory!

I think you'd agree, there could be no accessory finer than this
If you want to see more wonderfully dressed people, some fairly vicious umbrella work and a bit of limbo (yes, really) there are many more photos on The Vintage News website.

For everyone's safety (apart from their own), Atters and
Young Laurie are matched together for the umbrella jousting 

* I was having some problems uploading some pictures, so more will be added when I have more time, thanks for looking at what's here!

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  1. How delicious and excinting! I never saw something like that here in Rio de Janeiro! Someday, who knows...