Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Diamond Jubilees are a girl's best friend

This is just a quick blog about what I’ve got planned for the Jubilee weekend. Firstly, I’m rather excited about the Jubilee, not because I’m hugely royalist, but because any excuse for cakes and bunting is good by me.  Also, I feel cheated because I had to work last year during all the Royal wedding celebrations (the closest I got to celebrating was making cherry bakewell cupcakes for a party I couldn’t attend!)  Anyway, although I will be working again this year, it’s going to be a lot more fun this time!

The cupcakes in made for the Royal
Wedding, yes I still have photos
Firstly, on the Friday I will be reviewing a new play in London called The Shadow Formula.  Described as ‘a suspenseful spy drama set in pre-war London’, the plot is full of intrigue, murder and double-crossing.  Like all self-respecting spy dramas, The Shadow Formula has its fair share of double-agents, deranged scientists, German spies and femme fatales.  There will be a review to follow shortly (well, after I’ve seen the play, naturallement).  Performances will be running on 07-09 and 14-16 of June at the Greenwood theatre in London.  If you’d like to find out more just have a look on their website www.shadowformula.com.


But wait – there’s more.  You lucky people - there is also a competition to win two tickets to the press night (this Friday, 1st June).  All you have to do is email info@shadowformula.com with your contact details and the name of this blog (The Vanity Case) along with the answer to this question: What was World War II spy Agent Zigzag’s real name? 

On the Saturday, it appears that Brighton will be going back to the ‘50s as there are a lot of events going on around the Pavilion and Museums as well as the annual 1950s day on Gardner Street.  Always on the Saturday of Brighton Fashion week, the Dorset pub on the corner (a great pub and the centre of the vintage/rockabilly scene of Brighton) will be the epicentre of a day of ‘50s fun.  We're looking forward to seeing Simon Webster and his team (who we last saw at the launch of the salon) creating 1950s 'dos for people out enjoying the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Me interviewing Simon at the opening of
his Gardener Street salon back in March

Simon Wesbter hair will be once again teaming up with Dorset, as well as The Vanity Box (great name!) to bring the good people of Brighton the Jubilee Vintage Hair day.  To the sounds of the coolest kittens and heppest cats of the ‘50s coming from the Dorset (with maybe a few platters spun by Simon himself) you can book yourself an authentic pompadour, victory rolls or DA to be cut and styled in an antique barber’s chair.  To complete your look, you can have your make up perfected by the Vanity Box.  Spaces are filling up fast, so be sure totelephone the salon quickly to get your place in the barber’s chair.  Spaces available between 10-5 and the number to call is 01273 605577 to book your place.  It’s also worth noting that a certain member of our team (let’s not be coy, it’s Les) will be getting his hair cut by Simon at 3pm - worth coming down even if it’s just to see that! 


On Sunday (3rd June) I will be going to Victorious Vintage in Portsmouth Historic dockyard with the rest of the Vintage News crew.  Rather than repeating myself, you can read all about it here.  It’s also running on the Saturday (2nd), but as you can see I’ll be busy, although I think my mum is going
on that day! 

Now all I’ve got to do is plan what I’m going to wear – a lot of red, white and blue I think!

steel boned corsets by What Katie Did

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