Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tweed Re-Run

After a fairly chaotic morning (we erroneously thought the start of the Tweed Run was in Covent Garden as it had been in November) motoring around London, we eventually found our be-tweeded brethren outside the Imperial College London.   

 After all of the cyclists had posed for pictures outside the majestic ICL building in South Kensington, they went to collect their steeds from the green nearby. 
I had elected to take the train to get to the metrop. while the boys pootled along in our two-tone ‘30s car, Betsy.  Once the riders had taken their leave (led by three gents on penny-farthings) we followed suit with Les filming out of the sun-roof. 
We found our own way to the half-time location, opting not to follow right through the middle of Hyde Park!  The half-way ‘refuelling’ took place in front of the magnificent Imperial War Museum. 

 Awaiting the cyclists were stalls from the various sponsors of the Tweed Run; Cordings, Tyrrells and Murcock of London (who were also at the November event).  There was also a tent set up for a string quartet to accompany the aforementioned refreshments with some Pachelbel and Vivaldi. 

After a few of quick interviews with organiser Teddy, the charming Christopher from Cordings and the elegant Sarah, whom we had met at previous events including the protest at Savile Row, the next leg of the Run was under way. 
Again we got lost, but eventually we found the final destination – it’s quite hard to miss 500+ tweed clad cyclists congregated outside a pub.  The pub in question, the Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker (fantastic name) was lovely and I think if ever I’m round Clerkenwell way again, I will be sure to pop in. 
Prizes were handed out for most Dapper Chap, Best Moustache plus others, but I’m afraid I missed them as I was busy sampling the whiskey and gingers (from a further sponsor, Auchentoshan) that were floating about.  I did, however, catch up with Pandora who deservedly won the most dashing dame in her absolutely splendid 1930s reproduction hunting tweeds, cape et al. 
I was quite pleased with my outfit for the day.  I had on a mint and white striped men's shirt, a mint cashmere tank top and a J G Hook tweed jacket that I think is for a small boy!  I also found some cropped trousers the day before, which I turned into plus-fours (surprisingly easy to do and surprisingly comfortable to wear).  I got to wear my ox-blood Dr Martens brogues and my new (well, new to me) felt hat.   The Dr Martens were new but everything else were charity shop finds. 
After I’d decided I’d taken enough photos of all the wonderful outfits, we left the festivities to go and have a quick look of the Vivien of Holloway sale at their Holloway Road shop.  I was hoping to get another pair of trousers or a skirt but alas, I couldn’t find anything in my size.  Anyway, a splendid day was had by all.  I imagine I (if not the whole Vintage News crew) will continue to be regulars at the Tweed Run.  You never know, next time I may even be on a bicycle...
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steel boned corsets by What Katie Did

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