Monday, 11 June 2012

A jubilant day of fabulous hair, rockin' rhythms and ridiculously high shoes

For the past couple of years, on the Saturday of Brighton Fashion Week, I've strolled on down to the Dorset Public House on Gardener Street as they would no doubt be playing the best rockabilly and R‘n’R the '50s had to offer and this year was no different.

In the past, Simon Webster pitched up his 1930s barber's chair outside the aforementioned pub, offering rockin' cuts to those passing by.  Regular readers will be familiar with the name Simon Webster as the VN attended the opening of his salon back in March.  This year, Simon was set up outside his salon, along with The Vanity Box.  The girls from the Vanity Box were creating beautiful vintage coiffeurs for the ladies of Gardener Street and I think you'll agree, the hairstyles are stunning!


As I had already curled my hair for the next day, it was up to Les to step up and face the scissors.  We had a chat with Simon about how the past couple of months had been at the salon, after which we interviewed Verity from The Vanity Box, (all of which you can see here).

After we'd finished at the salon, we managed to catch the musicians performing outside the Dorset.  Firstly, there was Dollar Bill, a one man band performing a mix of blues and country who I'd love to see perform again, but preferably somewhere with a dance floor.  After Dollar Bill it was the turn of Hollerin’ Stollar and the Pine Box Boys.  

Dollar Bill, the blues one-man band

ring Hollerin' Stollar and the Pine Box Boys

Mark, the Dorset's manager 
even got in on the action.
For some reason I had a major crisis of confidence in what I was wearing (maybe the fact that the day before a man had loudly remarked that I looked like I was wearing fancy dress, hadn't helped), so I changed my outfit a few times.  In the end I didn't wear any vintage and opted for a Matalan blouse, Vivienne of Holloway pencil skirt, an elastic belt and shoes I bought when I was in New York.  It was the first time I'd worn the shoes and considering how high they are, they were surprisingly comfortable!



I was unable to attend the 'after party' at the Mesmerist as I was busy making a surprise visit to my sister at her new job in Rottingdean, but from what I hear, the party was rather good!

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