Saturday, 30 June 2012

Shooting the Romanovs in a Tea House

One of my first blog posts was about the New Sheridan Club spy-themed party in December and it was a delight to return for their summer party, this time jubilee themed.  The party was held at the Tea House Theatre, absolutely wonderful venue that I will definitely be returning to.

There were various jubilee themed games including ‘pin the safety pin on the queen’ (I was awful, getting one straight through her eye to gasps of “anarchist”).  ‘Whose Queen’ was another, in which you had to throw an inflatable crown onto Rachel’s head.  Depending on how complimentary you had been to Queenie, she could make it rather easy or quite difficult.  There was also the customary shooting game, this time ‘Shooting the Romanovs in the basement’ in honour (if that is the right word) of the last of the Russian royal family.  My past as a sharp-shooter for hire was finally put to good use in a vintage setting as I actually won!  As such, I was awarded the set of matryoshka dolls adorned with the faces of the Tsarina and her ill-fated children – along with the face of NSC member Will Smith in the place of Tsar Nicholas.  I think my tiara must have been bringing me luck as I also won ‘The King’s Speech’ on DVD in the raffle!

I opted to wear a beautiful dress that I’ve only worn once (for my 19th birthday) as the lace is quite damaged and therefore I am unable to dance in it.  I also wore my tiara (bought for that very same 19th birthday, I was dressed as the Queen Mother – don’t ask!) and a last minute alteration, a white opera scarf as a sash instead of the corsage I’d made.  As ever, the NSC threw a marvellous party and I am already looking forward to the next one (and finding out the theme).

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