Monday, 1 October 2012

There was a little girl, who had a little curl...

I was waiting to do a photo-blog about how to do pin-curls, but I’ve not had an opportunity to take any photos when I’m doing my own hair.  However, with a sense of unbelievable foresight, I recorded a video for work a few weeks ago therefore saving me the bother of taking photographs (the pictures are moving so it’s even better!) 

All you’ll need to create curls Shirley Temple (or someone a lot more glamorous and less of a child) would be jealous of is:  

A wide-tooth comb
A tail-comb
Lots of bobby pins/Kirby grips
Something to curl your hair round (I’ve used a permanent marker, a packet of polos and a tube of mascara in the past)

Let me know how you get on and if there are any other hairstyles you’d like me to show you how to do.  Happy curling!

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  1. Hello lovely lady. I've just bunged my newly ginger locks up in this and am off out to a museum with high hopes of curls for the evening. Pics on blogette later. Thank you! So good to see you the other day. We must catch up again soon. x