Thursday, 13 June 2013

Row, row, row your boat...

 For a fair few years, I have attended the Chap Olympiad (the last couple have been with work but just as much fun).  We'd always intended to do a pre-Olympiad "training" (if I can use the term in its loosest sense) video, in the style of the numerous programmes released in the lead-up to the London 2012 Olympics last year.  We finally managed to organise a get-together this year which coincided nicely with a photoshoot Time Out were doing for their 'Parks and Recreation' issue.
Vintage Tea Party, The Chap Magazine, Time Out, Sadie Doherty
We met up in Victoria Park in East London - a beautiful park that I'd not been to before.  Our first scenario for the photographer (and one of the highlights)was a spot rowing.  After going backwards for a bit and getting one of my oars stuck in a bank, I discovered I had quite a hidden talent for it!

Vintage, Rowing, The Chap Magazine, Time Out, Sadie Doherty
Vintage, Rowing, The Chap Magazine, Time Out, Sadie Doherty
 The lovely Zack, who was subject to my sometimes maverick rowing style, looked like one of Waugh's dashing gentlemen, lounging in the boat with my umbrella.  After the lake based fun and a few rounds of croquet, it was on to the serious business of devouring a Fortnum and Mason picnic - champagne and all!
Vintage, Croquet, The Chap Magazine, Time Out, Jodphurs

Fortnum and Mason Hamper, Johnny Vercoutre, Vintage Picnic
Kieren and Johnny Vercoutre
and our Fortnum and Mason hamper

After Time Out had got all the shots they needed, we set about getting the vox pops for our piece, with the lovely canal boats and pagoda playing backdrop - it even involved me interviewing myself...   
Zack Pinsent, The Chap Magazine, Vintage, Boater
Zack, with the beautiful pagoda in the background

Jenny Mearns, Frantic About Frances, The Chap Magazine, Vintage, Pin Up
The lovely Jenny, founder of Frantic About Frances

It was a brilliant day and I just hope I remember to pick up a copy!

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