Thursday, 8 March 2012

Stop killing the Jazz Man, an Exclusive interview with the Swing Ninjas

As any Lindy dancer in Brighton knows, there is only one place to be on a Wednesday night.  That place is the Mesmerist, a wonderful 'absinthe inspired wonderland of the weird and burlesque' only a couple of minutes walk from the seafront.  The main reason Wednesday evenings draw such a crowd is the weekly residence of the Swing Ninjas, a three-piece gypsy swing band.

The Kandinsky-esque Album cover
We've known the Swing Ninjas for a while, being regulars at the Wednesday shindig and Kieren and I were also dancers in their music video for their imminent single 'Three Blind Mice' (some exclusive clips are featured in our interview below) - I'm the one in the red dress!

In anticipation of their forthcoming album release (Stop Killing the Jazz Man - avialable at all reputable retailers on March 14th), we set up an interview with 'Dirty Horn Trio' at the aformentioned watering hole.

The Swing Ninjas are made up (from left to right)of Bruce - Helicon/Tuba & vocals, Will - Alto Saxophone & Vocals and Jamie - Guitar & Vocals.

The interview took some rather interesting turns, with childhood tuba trauma, Kevin Costner and George Bushisms making more of an appearance than you would expect.

Rather than describe the interview in full, I will put a link below so you can enjoy it for yourselves.

I will just end on a quote from the Swing Ninjas facebook:

"...these Three will sing you into swoonage with sugared ballads, make you wiggle to back-room jive and get you swinging harder than a monkey overdosing on bananas".

Couldn't have put it better myself.

Swing Ninjas Interview-

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