Saturday, 1 September 2012

Brighton not Hove, actually

A fairly quick post today.  I thought as I’ve been in my new flat for a month now, I’d show you a few pictures of my new ‘hood.  For those of you who know Brighton, I’ve moved near the border with Hove, actually (importantly still in Brighton though!) sort of near the Seven Dials.  From where I used to live, in the heart of Studentland near Lewes Road, it’s rather different (definitely for the better). Enjoy!

I can see the sea!
If you've seen 'Wimbledon' you may recognise this place,
although they changed it into a bookies in the film.

Oh, and 'Hove, actually' is a bit of an in-joke of what residents of Hove reply when people mistakenly assume they are from Brighton (“No, I’m from Hove, actually).  I think it’s even printed on one of the buses.  Let me know what you think about the photos, or just Brighton in general.

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  1. I useed to live just round the corner from there before we moved across to Kemptown. Lovely area, so glad your enjoying it :)

    Was lovely to meet you at Mat's Birthday drinks a few weeks ago, hopefully see you again soon!