Thursday, 19 April 2012

Give Three-Piece a Chance

Just a quick post on the imminent protest to be held on Savile Row and nearby Burlington Gardens. Orchestrated by the Chap, the protest is a reaction to the application to open an 'Abercrombie & Fitch' children's shop (I suppose they would say 'kid's store') on Savile Row. 

Savile Row is the historic home of tailoring, not just for England but for the entire world.  Abercrombie & Fitch on the other-hand make t-shirts and deem themselves 'the original apparel and lifestyle brand'. I'm not sure what 'lifestyle' they are purporting to provide for the masses, but it does seem to require paying over the odds for what are essentially free advertisements for the American 'super-brand'.

Not only is Savile Row important for its sartorial history, the building in question (Number 3) is famous for other reasons.  It was the property that housed the Beatles' Apple Corps headquarters, and the rooftop played host to their very last concert.

Just a stones throw away from Gieves and Hawkes (at No. 1), one of the world's most famous tailors, the opening of this shop would be an insult to the trade that the Row has fought so hard to nurture and maintain, over the course of two centuries.

To work there, you have to go through 'casting' and only the best looking (and those apparently willing to work topless) are selected.  As all the advertisements for the adult Abercrombie & Fitch shops generally just feature topless models in jeans (not sure how that sells t-shirts), I'm intrigued to know how they advertise children's clothes?

This is a chance for those that value quality and expertise in the manufacture of their clothing, as opposed to slogans, to stand up and make a real difference in the future of this historic street.  Although the protest will be peaceful, one doesn't get a trouser crease that sharp without being forceful from time to time!

Apart from agreeing with the Chap's sentiments, I am also quite excited to be going to a protest organised by this esteemed journal.  In one of the earliest issues I bought (2006), I read of their exploits in showing their displeasure at the state of modern art by encircling and subsequently 'conquering' one of Rachel Whiteread's installations at the Tate Modern.

From The Chap.
Protesters are invited to produce their
own posters and slogans for the event.
On Monday 23rd April (St George's Day), a group of impeccably dressed people (including you I hope) are to congregate outside No. 3 Savile Row at 9am , before continuing on to Ambercrombie and Fitch's shop on Burlington Gardens at 10am.  As ever, there are plans to decamp to nearby establishments after the protest has dispersed, perhaps to plan our next move or perhaps (more likely) just take in a gin or two.

If you are unable to make it to the protest, then I urge you to sign the petition which can be found here:

The Vintage News will be there, capturing the action as it unfolds.

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