Thursday, 15 August 2013

Harry and Edna (and me!) on the wireless

I've become fairly used to conducting interviews during my time with The Vintage News, but it came as somewhat of a shock to have not one but two interviews set up for one week - and I was the one being interviewed!  The first of which hasn't gone live yet so you'll just have to wait and see... but the second interview was with the lovely Harry and Edna on their live radio show.  We were delighted to be asked on to their Sony award nominated show to talk all things vintage, so we hopped on the M1 up to Milton Keynes. 
We arrived at this quaint little building (with a life-size multicoloured triceratops in the front garden) and got stuck in straight away.   It was really nerve-wracking being on live radio but we soon got into the swing of things.  They asked all about The Vintage News and we talked about a few of our favourite events including the Chap Olympiad and the Tweed Run.
After the live show came something more familiar, I was now the interviewer!  We chatted about Harry and Edna on the Wireless, their nightclub, Hedna's and the many other events they are involved in.  We had a great time recording the show, and it was quite nice to be on the other side of the microphone for once!
 If you didn't manage to catch the show live, you can listen again on Harry and Edna's mixcloud here
I (of course) didn't get a proper picture of my outfit or my hair however, I have managed to find a picture of me wearing the same dress and shoes just to give you an idea.  The photo is from last year when we covered Vintage Nation.
 Dress: 1980s dress that belonged to my dearest mama
Slip: 1930s slip from Brighton Vintage Fair I think, you can't really see it, but you'd see a hell of a lot more if I didn't have it on!
Belt: no idea where that came from, probably a charity shop
Shoes: £3 from a charity shop - they were my Argentine Tango shoes


  1. I like the addition of the last little section with where things come from! It saves me asking :)

    1. Thanks Jennie. I mean to put those details whenever I talk about my clothes, but I very rarely remember - that is if I even get a picture of my outfit!