Friday, 2 August 2013

In which I go raving...

I wasn't in the best shape when we went to the Rockabilly Rave as I'd just taken half a week off work, but I was looking forward to it none-the-less.  The day that we went (the Saturday) was beautifully sunny - but also incredibly windy.  The number of takes we had to do of my opening piece was ridiculous, strong wind at a coastal resort + '50s circle skirt = lots of Marilyn Monroements (fans of puns - you're welcome).

The reason we were at the Rockabilly Rave (apart from me flashing a lot of people, again, you're welcome) was by invitation of the lovely Bettina Scarlet.  Bettina had put together a wonderful fashion show, the first in the Rave's 17 year history and had asked The Vintage News to film it.  As the show featured many repro brands I've lusted after for years, we jumped at the chance.  Another compelling reason to go was the opportunity to interview the gorgeous Bernie Dexter, who is even lovelier (and tinier) than you could imagine.  I'll be posting a my interview with Bernie soon, but I've got to transcribe it first!
You know, just chilling with Bernie and Katie

Even with my limited healthiness, I still had a great time and quite enjoyed the challenge of filming the fashion show.  I was filming at the end in the catwalk, and also tasked with taking photographs of each outfit, not as tough as doing all that and live tweeting the results at the National Vintage Awards - but more on that later.  I'll leave you with a few photos of some of my favourite outfits, both on and off the catwalk.


Did you go to the Rave this year, what did you think?  Do you have a favourite outfit?

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